ACTE - Deep Dives


Deepen and Sustain Activated Collective Teacher Efficacy

ACTE Deep Dives has been designed to engender Deeper Learning Thinking in schools. The program guides leaders to dive deep into educational research, make connections and explore ways to consolidate evidence-informed practices within their context. The Deep Dives are most effective when explored as a school team. Working through each Deep Dive supports leaders to investigate problems of learning and thinking in their own context. Participants share their experiences, experiment with new ideas, field test potential solutions and evaluate the impact of changed approaches. Collective teacher efficacy is a significant positive contributor to school improvement. ACTE Deep Dives helps maintain school improvement momentum by supporting teams of leaders to further deepen their understanding of teacher collective efficacy and to sustain its practice across their school over time.

Who: Teams of School Leaders who have been working with the Learning Thinking SCOPE, Instructional Rounds, ACTE or SCHMIC.

Standards: The learning in ACTE Deep Dives will support leaders to design, implement and assess the impact of their leadership skills. This work will support those seeking accreditation at Lead and address standards 3.3.4, 5.2.4, 5.4.4, 6.2.4, 6.3.4 and 7.4.4. The program is structured in four ten-hour courses completed over 12-18 months.

ACTE DEEP DIVES extends leaders to:
•  Develop a Design Thinking approach to lead Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Deepen knowledge and skills in evidence-informed classroom strategies
•  Consolidate and embed a culture of collective inquiry 
•  Strengthen impact assessment practices
•  Deepen professional network connections

Model and Costs
The ACTE Deep dive consists of 4 workshops and an optional study tour. Each workshop requires subsequent action learning research in your school.
Program Delivery: The program is delivered off-site.
Program Materials: $50 per person.
Dates and Venues: TBC.
Times: Each workshop is two days. Day One 9.00am to 4:00pm.
Day Two 9.00am to 3.00pm.
Workshop Cost: $500 + GST per participant.




Deep Dive 1: Deeper Learning Thinking

•  What is Deeper Learning Thinking?
•  What would be the evidence of Deeper Learning Thinking?
•  How can we measure success and assess impact?
•  What is Design Thinking? How can we use it?
•  Situational analysis: research, empathy data, student artefacts.

Team Action Learning

Deep Dive 2: Design Thinking for Learning Design

•  Share and review situational analysis data
•  Use Design Thinking to:
   -  Define your problem
  -  Explore research and ideas
•  Share and critique options
•  Prototype design of leading for High Quality Student Artefacts
•  Design action learning and impact assessment tools

Team Action Learning

Deep Dive 3: Refining and Consolidating

•  Assess impact on quality of student work
•  Use Design Thinking to
   -  Refine your problem
   -  Explore research and ideas
•  Share and critique options
•  Prototype design of leading for Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Design next steps in action learning and impact assessment tools

Team Action Learning

Deep Dive 4: Assessing Impact

•  Assess impact of prototype on Learning Thinking
•  Assess impact of Design Thinking
•  Reflect on individual and team Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Design future actions and connections for Deeper Learning Thinking

Team Action Learning

OPTIONAL Deep Dive: EL Education, USA

Study Tour October 2019

Pre-Deep Dive Workshop
•  Design deep dive inquiry into Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Start Design Thinking During Deep Dive USA Sessions
During Deep Dive USA Sessions
•  Share reflections on Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Further develop Design Thinking Post Deep Dive Workshop
Post Deep Dive Workshop
•  Share and reflect on Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Use Design Thinking to action further learning
Deeper Learning Thinking Showcase 2020
•  Assess impact on Deeper Learning Thinking
•  Design future actions and connections

Limited places available for this opportunity. Please click button across to express your interest.