Activated Learners




Metacognitive-Activated Learners

Metacognitive-Activated learners create their own ideas, strategies and routines to kick-start, initiate and sustain their own learning. They persist even in the face of early failure and develop a strong sense of learner resilience.


Assessment-Activated Learners

Assessment-Activated Learners develop an awareness of the way they learn, where they are up to in their learning, and choose strategies to progress their learning. They are able to discuss their learning journey when questioned about it in detail.


Thinking-Activated Readers

Thinking - Activated Readers are metacognitive about their reading. Their skills extend beyond decoding, fluency and accuracy into complex inferential understanding, building and extending connections from self, to text, to other texts and beyond to the wider world. These Readers have the pre-requisite skills for participation in the “knowledge economy”.


Vocabulary-Activated Writers

Vocabulary - Activated Writers are metacognitive about their word learning. They actively explore new words by finding definitions, testing their understanding by using new vocabulary in their talk and writing.