Learning Thinking Organisers

SCHMIC has developed Learning Thinking Organisers to support leaders when leading professional Learning. These organisers help teachers document their thinking during the learning process. The Learning Thinking Organisers prompt groups of teachers to share their thinking and experiences. The organisers are available for purchase in Pads containing 50 sheets.

Research CLIPs

Ask teachers to watch or read information based on research into evidence-focused strategies. They firstly individually reflect on the information and then in groups or teams consider the research. Prompts ask teachers to look at the Challenges, Links, Ideas and Practices involved.


Practice Peeks

Ask teachers to individually respond to “peeks” into the practice of others. Then in groups or teams, teachers consider what they have observed. Prompts ask teachers to consider the learning thinking impact of the strategies observed and think about possible future action.


Park Your Thinking- PYT

Asks teachers to “park their thinking” as the learning progresses in a professional learning session. Teachers use this organiser to jot down questions, ideas, their thinking and ideas for teams to think about. These are shared and reflected on by individuals, groups, teams or with the whole learning cohort.