Welcome to SCHMIC Consultingam

We design creative and effective programs to meet unique needs for schools and individuals.

SCHMIC delivers excellence in professional learning. SCHMIC is an endorsed provider of Quality Teaching Council (QTC) Registered Professional Development through BOSTES for its Instructional Rounds program. NSW teachers seeking to maintain their accreditation will be able to include this program in their official record of professional learning hours.

Our team is comprised of experienced, highly respected educators with expertise in all aspects of educational administration, school leadership and professional learning design and delivery.

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THE SCHMIC Commitment

Our programs are delivered over time in a combination of off-site professional learning and on-site action learning supported through coaching.

All programs are thoroughly evaluated and cost effective.

The SCHMIC Approach

We believe that professional learning for teachers only results in changes in classroom practices when the learning is delivered over time and in context. Our approach to professional learning involves:

Our professional learning programs support teachers to test and explore new approaches in their daily classroom work.  We seek to work with our clients to build integrated instructional practices that support improvements in learning and thinking in every classroom, every day, over time. We believe that improving teaching and learning is the most critical work that occurs in any school.

We are committed to developing with teachers’ clear lenses for evaluating if work effort is translating into improvements in learning and teaching. Professional learning investment in any organisation should be referenced to clear impact or success measures.

Our professional learning design starts with clarifying what improvements to learning the team is seeking to achieve. This clarification in combination with the design of impact measures allows schools to see incrementally their return on investment. We coach you to think deeply about what it is you are looking for and how to recognise the steps to success. We work with you to gather base line data about existing practices and implement systems for collecting and analysing evidence of change. In our experience this data provides a catalyst for deeper discussions about schoolwide learning improvement and importantly supports the development of collective efficacy.

In addition, we support individuals and teams to gather evidence of their learning via personal reflections and active engagement in learning and thinking activities. SCHMIC encourages teachers to be open and honest in recording their thinking. Focussing personal reflections on areas for improvement is important for individuals, for teams and the whole school. We know from research on collective efficacy that school improvement is linked to teams owning and working on challenges together – without honest personal reflections and self-analysis this work cannot begin.

Learning intentions and success criteria are published in the workbooks supporting our professional learning programs. We actively encourage and scaffold professional discourse in our workshops, talking about the deep cognitive work of designing great learning is a powerful activator for educators.

We use thinking organisers during and at the end of workshop sessions to gather your reflections. This evidence gives us valuable insight into how useful you are finding the materials and activities we have designed to support your learning. Please engage fully in these processes and be honest with your feedback, it’s a vital guide for us in improving the quality and relevance of our work.